Emergency Claim Service

Emergency Claim Service

These companies can provide immediate assistance on a 24/7 basis. Typically the types of claims needing emergency services are: your roof has been damaged and is allowing weather inside your home, if your basement has flooded, or if your washing machine has a broken hose and water has leaked everywhere, etc…

The emergency service company will usually dispatch one of their technicians immediately.  The services offered include temporary repairs to stop additional damages as well as beginning the restoration process; tearing out wet rugs, padding, furniture, etc., and providing large commercial fans to start drying everything out.

Once these emergency service companies identify the problem, temporarily repair it and start the restoration process, your property will be secured.  After which your insurance company adjuster will take over the handling of your claim. In most cases, provided the actual cause of the property damage is covered under your policy, all of the emergency company’s costs and expenses are covered by your insurance policy.

CNI recommends the following emergency services companies:

  • Service Master: 1-800-RESPOND     (1-800-737-7663)
  • Service Master: 610-524-8003           website:   servicemastermnz.com
  • ServPro:    1-800-945-8181       website:   servpro.com

When you call you will either speak directly to an operator or may have to leave your phone numbers.  Typically you will receive a call back immediately or within one hour.

Please be sure to call CNI’s claims department the next day so we can coordinate your claim with your insurance company’s claims department.