General/Product Liability Claim

What to do in the event of damage to your property:

  • Provide all appropriate first aid or take steps to prevent further property damage.
  • If possible, interview the injured person:
    • Obtain the information necessary to complete a loss report.
      • Include a summary of what happened from the point-of-view of the involved party(ies), in addition to your own observations of what their injuries appear to be and their physical appearance. (For example, do they appear to have been drinking? If they slipped on a spilled substance, are their clothes wet? What type of shoes are they wearing?). Do not promise to pay any bills.
  • Inspect the scene of the accident;
    • If injuries are serious, preserve evidence/take photographs. We never know when injured parties may try to exaggerate their claims or take advantage of their injuries. Because of this, except for the most minor accidents, someone should be dispatched to the scene of the incident.
    • Note in detail any conditions related to the accident (i.e. the nature and size of any spill, the size and depth of a pothole, available lighting). Fully identify any witnesses and document their version(s) of what happened. (Friends and relatives could change their story later.)
    • Photos of the scene, especially if the area could change, are very helpful.
  • Label and save any physical evidence.
  • Immediately report all claims to Consolidated National Insurers, Inc. Claims Department at 800-562-3073.
    • If your call is outside of normal business hours access our 24/7 claims by clicking here.
    • To report the claim directly to insurance company, you will need your policy number.

To expedite your claims process, please call your insurance carrier directly at the phone number listed with your carrier on the Carrier Information page.  You can also follow the link to their claims page for more information or to file a claim electronically.

If you are in need of emergency assistance for a claim and it is after hours, please click here.

Please have your policy number ready when reporting your claim.