Worker’s Compensation Claim

What to do in the event of a work injury:

  • Click here to report a claim direct to your Workers Compensation Insurance Company
  • If your employee reports a work injury, assess the need for immediate medical care.
  • If immediate medical treatment is needed, call an ambulance or transport the employee to the nearest emergency room.
  • In non-emergency situations, refer the employee to your panel of doctors which should be posted at your facility.
  • Have your employee sign an Employee Acknowledgement of Rights and Duties.
  • Secure information to complete the Employer’s Report of Injury or Illness form.
  • Request that the employee keeps you advised of his/her status.
  • Conduct an internal investigation to determine the cause of the work injury.
  • Identify any witnesses.
  • Report the claim to CNI by faxing the Employer’s Report of Injury or Illness to 215-654-0383, to the attention of the Claims Department.