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1. PMP Industry and Experience – PMP business owners recognize that their
industry has specialized insurance needs. They want a relationship with a
broker who has experience in the PMP industry and can provide the required
coverage : from professional liability for inspection and bed bug coverage, to
pesticide/herbicide pollution coverage, to auto pollution in transit, just to name
a few. CNI has been serving the PMP industry since 1983 with over 1,000 PMP
clients in the Mid Atlantic Region. CNI has been a member of the PA, NJ, DE,
MD & VA PMP Associations for over 30 years. Our experts routinely attend
PMP trade shows, meetings and industry events and seminars. CNI’s founding
principal even worked as a PMP professional and has been an industry leader
since the late 80’s. He helped add key coverage for PMP exposures : expanding
the WDI /named insect inspection forms to include WDO , expanding pollution
in transit coverage forms to PMP auto – subsequently general liability policies,
and more recently expanding coverage to include insured’s owned/leased/rented
limited site pollution coverage and many others . We understand the PMP
industry and your insurance needs.

2. Insurance Professionals who know the PMP Insurance Market. PMP have
very specialized insurance needs. Today there are no less than a dozen
insurance companies offering PMP general liability coverage to PMPs
nationally. The differences in these companies’ coverage forms and policy
conditions vary widely. Only a few of these companies offer full
comprehensive coverage. However, there are significant coverage gaps within
these policies as well. Many of these include restrictions or exclusions in their
policies that CNI’s specialized policies do not : i.e. EFIS, mold, owned/leased/
rented site pollution, etc. It requires seasoned professionals to know how to
analytically review and interpret all of these companies’ policy forms,
conditions, restrictions, and exclusions . All it takes is a word or two to change
the meaning of policy language into a coverage restriction or an exclusion of
coverage. Over the last 30+ years CNI has analyzed thousands of PMP policies.
We know all of the PMP policies in the market as well as where the coverage
gaps are. We believe CNI offers the broadest and most comprehensive coverage terms
and conditions available to the PMP industry. Due to our experience and
expertise, CNI represents two exclusive PMP programs as well as provide
access to the national brokered PMP programs. CNI’s PMP programs offer
significant coverage and policy enhancements over the traditional PMP policies
that most PMPs currently have coverage through. Some of the coverage gaps
we fill could otherwise cost a PMP a significant financial loss or even lose their
business due to an uninsured loss. One of CNI’s client objectives is to help you
distinguish between the differences in policy coverage terms, conditions,
restrictions and exclusions. These differences are typically the determining
factors as to whether or not a claim will be paid.

3. Competitive Price – One of CNI’s objectives is to help clients understand the
difference between a competitive price and value. Due to CNI’s large book of
PMP clients, our proven track record of working with “Best of Class” PMPs,
and our commitment to the PMP industry ; as a result CNI has created
leverage with our insurance companies to offer extremely low rates for
qualifying PMPs, subject to PMP’s loss history and management safety

4. Claims ManagementCNI’s unique PMP experience & expertise benefits our clients with claims management and claim coverage analysis. We have
handled thousands of termite inspection, alleged pesticide pollution, and home
fuel oil leak claims. In addition, we have handled claims involving state
(EPA/DEP) agencies alleging pesticide damage to the environment.

Our claims management professionals aggressively manage and monitor all
claims. CNI can assist clients in establishing and reinforcing claims reporting
procedures to ensure timely reporting of claims, return to work programs,
formal safety and training programs, etc.. Due to our experience and expertise
we provide valuable counsel and unparalleled advocacy for our clients
throughout the claims process.

5. CNI provides Risk Management and Loss Control Programs. First, CNI works
with the PMP to review and analyze their business operations by analyzing
general liability, business auto and workers compensation loss history. These
are the most significant factors in receiving the lowest insurance rates. Any
time and effort spent helping your business improve its claim history will
improve your bottom line. Second, we will identify those areas of concern that
drive up insurance premiums (claims, unsafe practices and conditions ). This
analysis will serve as a road map to what your employee safety training and
OSHA compliance needs are. Third, we will help develop the appropriate
safety & loss control program that will help you reduce and manage your risk.
CNI assists our clients in developing and implementing mutually agreed upon
risk management, loss control, employee safety, and compliance objectives.
Included in our specialized value added services is an extensive library of over
3,000 employee training, cost containment, OSHA compliance and loss control
tools covering a wide variety of industries, i.e., formalized driver safety and
fleet management training materials, WC Mod evaluations, employee
OSHA safety compliance reviews and training materials , etc.. CNI works closely with our client’s insurance carrier to coordinate all available
“ Value Added” ( no cost to client ) services. This approach minimizes costs,
maximizes available resources, and in the end provides the client the best
opportunity to successfully manage its risk and reduce insurance costs.

6. Customer Service – Technology -CNI’s account managers are experienced in the insurance service needs of the pest management industry. An important client service is issuing certificates of insurance. We understand how time
sensitive these requests are to your customers. This is why we utilize state of
the art customer service technologies to help meet our client’s service needs.
As a full service agency we have found the best way to enhance our ability to
better serve our client’s insurance needs is to provide leading edge technology
access to our clients. This includes online access through a client portal for
24/7 reporting services. The reporting of claims, adding or deleting drivers and
vehicles, or requesting/obtaining a certificate of insurance is as easy as sending
an email or pulling one off our client portal . CNI pledges to return phone
calls, emails, and respond to your service needs in a timely, friendly, and
professional manner.

7. CNI provides reviews on all of our clients’ written contracts and certificate
of insurance requests. We verify that the correct insurance coverage
(additional insured status, waiver of subrogation, primary/non-contributory,
hold harmless and indemnity language, etc.) is in place before the PMP signs a
contract. CNI always recommends PMPs to send in the contracts for a CNI
review, it is part of our “business partner approach”.

8. CNI is a firm believer in the “business partner” approach to its client
relationships. Take advantage of CNI’s 30+ years within the PMP industry and
our industry network referral program. We have access to a network of
national service providers who work in the PMP industry.

• Human Resource Outsourcing – for PMPs who are having difficulty managing (time & expense) of employees : regulatory, payroll & tax compliance requirements, outsource payroll administration, and access to HR expertise. This option allows PMP owners to focus on their core services: serving their customers’ needs and developing new customers, while reducing and/or controlling employee administrative costs. CNI works with PMP clients to review their HR needs and evaluate if outsourcing your HR function would save your company time, money and headaches of providing these services in house as well as transferring the risk and legal liabilities associated with payroll, taxes
and HR compliance.
• Professional Services organizations – legal, accounting, etc.
• Fleet Management (GPS) discounted costs

To get an expert evaluation of your company’s insurance and employee safety needs contact CNI at 1-800-562-3073 or complete the information box on this page. One of our PMP professionals will be back in touch with you soon.


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Dr. Stuart Mitchell, Technical Director, PestWest USA LLC

Education: BS Physics, BS Forensic Psychology, Master of Public Health, PhD Entomology, PhD Zoology, PhD Biology, PhD Naturopathic Medicine, PhD Complimentary & Alternative Health Care, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Board Certified Physician, Veterinarian, Psychologist and others, including Board Certified Entomologist (Medical, Veterinary, Urban, Industrial)

Experience: Served the pest management industry since 1982, a technical specialist, technical director, consultant, expert-witness, columnist, author, lecturer, speaker, technical director for NPMA, and ESA-BCE Director in 2009