Property Damage Claim

What to do in the event of damage to your property:

  • Call Consolidated National Insurers, Inc. to report your claim at 800-562-3073.
    • If it is after hours, contact our 24/7 Claims Representative by clicking here.
    • A CNI claims employee will work with you to see if an emergency restoration company should be dispatched to your home or business to assist.
      • If your roof has been damaged and allowing weather to come inside your building, it is important to have someone put a tarp or use plywood for a temporary patch. Arrangements can be made with one of our many approved restoration companies to assist you.
  • Do whatever is necessary to protect your property from further damage. Keep all receipts.
  • If you have been a victim of theft or vandalism, call the police.
  • Take photos or video of the damage for your records and for the insurance company.
  • If you have Business Income and Extra Expense coverage, keep records of all extra expenses required to keep your business running or of business lost due to the property damage.

To expedite your claims process, please call your insurance carrier directly at the phone number listed with your carrier on the Carrier Information page.  You can also follow the link to their claims page for more information or to file a claim electronically.

If you are in need of emergency assistance for a claim and it is after hours, please click here.

Please have your policy number ready when reporting your claim.