Workers Compensation Insurance

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, workers compensation is required by law for any company with employees.

Workers compensation is something most business owners need to carry. It protects your employees monetarily if they are injured or become sick on the job. In exchange for receiving workers compensation benefits, workers are not permitted to file a lawsuit against their employers even if the injuries were caused by the employers’ negligence.

The workers compensation act is very complex in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but at Consolidated National Insurers, Inc we have agents that know the laws in both states. They can put together a package that is both affordable and follows all of the state laws. Our workers comp solutions include the following benefits:

  • Wages for missed time from work
  • Reasonable medical care and related expenses
  • Death benefits to a deceased workers’ dependents
  • Specific loss for loss of use of certain body parts and scars

If you are planning to open a business and hire employees, you are going to need workers comp insurance. If you are already operating a business, let Consolidated National Insurers, Inc take a look at your current policies. We can most likely offer better solutions ate far better prices. Give us a call today at 800-562-3073 or fill out the quote form for more information and a free consultation.


CNI also provides access to all commercial lines needs of our clients :  workers compensation, garage, lawn care, pest control, etc..  (Click on CNI’s Commercial Lines Proposition for additional information.)