Reporting Claims

24/7 Claims Service

About the Claims Process

The claims process can be lengthy, and at times, confusing. However, that’s where we come in! Consolidated National Insurers, Inc. has a dedicated claims department whose sole purpose is to assist you with your claim. The following is a general guideline for what is to be expected once you file a claim.

  • File your claim directly with your insurance company for expedited service, and make sure to have your account number handy. For your company contact information, please click here, or visit our website at
  • An adjustor assigned by your insurance company should contact you within 24 hours to assess your claim situation. In times of high claims volume, such as a natural disaster, this timeframe may vary. However, under normal circumstances, if you have not heard from your adjustor within 48 hours, please contact our claims department at 800-562-3073.
  • If you have a property or automobile damage claim the adjustor should make an appointment to assess the damage to your property within 3-5 days of contacting you, and should send you an estimate via fax or email shortly thereafter.

If at any point during your claims process you have any questions, or feel that things are not progressing as they should be, please call CNI’s claim department at 800-562-3073. We are here to help you!

File a Claim

To expedite your claims process, please call your insurance carrier directly at the phone number listed with your carrier on the Carrier Information page.  You can also follow the link to their claims page for more information or to file a claim electronically.

If you are in need of emergency assistance for a claim and it is after hours, please click here.

Please have your policy number ready when reporting your claim.